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Mastering Bass Fishing: 10 Questions with Spencer Alvarez


In this engaging blog post series, we embark on a journey to delve deeper into the lives of anglers, unraveling their unique fishing experiences, and paying homage to the rich and diverse culture of fishing. We will gain insights into the world of passionate anglers, celebrate their stories, and develop a profound appreciation for the enduring traditions that shape the fishing community. Stay tuned for an enlightening exploration of the angler's life and the captivating tapestry of fishing culture.In this blog, we will take a closer look at Spencer's inspiring story.



How did you get started with bass fishing, and what drew you to this particular form of angling?

I grew up on candlewood lake 50 yards from the lake so me and my brother would always fish and catch crayfish and use them for bait.



Can you describe your most memorable or challenging bass fishing experience? What did you learn from it?

 Probably getting used to a bait caster I started using them later like 10 years ago and it was tough back then they weren't as fancy as they are now but I learned through many back lashes how to do it and became good atleast decent.



What are some essential skills or techniques that every bass fisherman should master?

Patience ! Be aware of your surroundings is there life around birds anything forgetful also cause your gonna lose some big fish ya gotta move on to the next one bass fishing often involves using various types of flies.




Could you explain the importance of fly selection and matching it to the conditions?

Always try and do called match the hatch whatever the main forage in the lake is wether it's shiners, bluegill, alewives, anything match that color and go with it because that's what there looking for.
Could you share some tips for reading the water and understanding where to find fish in different types of water bodies?
No matter where ya are ya wanna find some type oa structure rocks weeds docks sometimes there on points it really matters the temperature of the water if it's hot there on deeper points with easy access if it's colder or in the 65s there feeding up everywhere Weather and environmental conditions play a significant role in bass fishing.
How do you adapt your approach when faced with changing conditions?
I will throw on my 8 fans jacket and outfit and get out there before the storms and full moons have always been the best fishing for me.
Conservation is crucial for preserving fishing environments. What are your thoughts on responsible fishing and protecting aquatic ecosystems?
 I am all for keeping everything clean grabbing trash when ya can and keep the fishing line in the garbage bag on the boat that everyone should bring.
Can you recommend some must-have gear or equipment for someone looking to start bass fishing?
A crank bait and a Ned rig would be my two starting lures for anyone.
Fly Fishing-Bass Fishing often has a strong connection to nature and mindfulness. How do you think this hobby impacts your overall well-being and connection to the outdoors?
Being outdoors to me is life it puts me at peace and reeling in a big fish is amazing but a bad day on the water is better than a good day at work fishing will make ya happy take time for ya self!
Fly fishing can be a solitary pursuit or a social one. What are the benefits of both experiences, and which do you prefer?
 I love being on the water alone but also love going with the wife she loves to fish so it's kinda our thing!
 A special note of appreciation extends to Spencer for providing this insightful response, which serves as a source of inspiration for fellow fishing enthusiasts.
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